Select First Motorhomes – Customer Testimonials & References

Here are some comments from previous clients. Contact details available on request.

George & Kate – European Motorhome Tour

In 2013 we bought our motorhome from Graham and Linda at Select First Motorhomes before leaving Australia for our European travels.  It was a lot of money to hand over for something thousands of miles away, but it turned out the van was even better than we expected!  It was in very good condition, drove well, and has a lovely area for sleeping/eating/living.  They kitted out the van with good quality equipment and everything we needed which was very handy given we’d never even been in a motorhome before and had no idea what we were doing!  Before leaving Australia, they gave us some names of insurance companies, recommended some motorhoming books to buy, and let us use their address to send some items we needed.  On our arrival, they were warm and helpful, taking plenty of time to run through the paperwork and sale/buyback process, show us the service records, explain all the functions of our motorhome, give us tips for the road etc etc.  It was all so efficient and trouble-free that only a couple of hours after leaving Graham’s yard, we were in Belgium starting the trip of a lifetime!

Client TestimonialsWe love our van so much that we opted out of the buyback and now live in him.  He still runs  very well after full time use for 4 years and 120,000kms in some harsh conditions including the heat of a Mediterranean summer and a couple of frigid Norwegian/Alpine winters.  Graham and Linda have been helpful over email whilst we’ve been on the road with advice on where to get maintenance done in the UK and some general information.

Mr Dale H – Jan 2017

I Brought my first VW T5 Campervan from Graham and Darren from Select First Campers. I received great communication from the outset, all my questions were answered over the phone and when I went to view the Campervan it was exactly as described.  On collection I was shown all the operation of the Campervan and was given a great part exchange price. I cannot recommend this company enough.vw-t5-testimonial

Tony and Gay Walker N55533 – UK European Motorhome Holiday – 10/10/2013

We were planning an oversea trip about 2 years ago, to the UK and Europe. We compared the prices of renting verses buy back on the web. While searching online for a motor home about 12 months into planning this 5-month trip, we came upon ‘Select First, Motorhome’. After a few emails back and forth it seemed that the owners, Graham and Linda, that this was the company to go with.


On arrival in London and after a train trip to Kent, they turned out to be the most trustworthy people to do business with. The first face-to-face meeting felt as if it was a reunion between old friends.

Everything was so well organized; the van was better than the picture and the description. It was immaculate and exceeded all expectations and all ready to go. From maps to books as well as full details on service, fuel, gas and water. All that was left was to sign the rego papers and we were off to the Canterbury Caravan Park via the supermarket to stock up and start our 5-month holiday. It was great to find we had put our trust in such wonderful people.

Which left us with lifetime memories leaving us to consider another trip and of course using their services again.

Al and Jan Morrison, San Clemente, California

My wife, Jan and I have been cycle touring in Europe for the last 30 years traveling self-contained with a small tent.  We decided that our next trip would be with a home on wheels.  We have a VW Westfalia van that we use for camping in the US.  We checked the cost of shipping it to Europe and found that the expense was prohibitive.  I began an internet search that led me to Graham and Linda Marchant’s website for First Select Motorhomes Ltd.  We looked over their inventory of vehicles and found the Adria Twin high top van that was just the right size and price for our needs.  When I told friends and family that I was considering buying a motorhome in England via the internet and sight unseen they raised their eyebrows.  Their concerns were unfounded as I discovered as we went through the process of purchasing the vehicle.

Trust is the “must have” in any transaction of this type and the Marchant’s business plan and practice builds this from the first contact we had with them.  Their website displays all of the details about their inventory of motorhomes and the equipment and specifications of each unit.   The hallmark of their communications with us was the promptness of their replies to our questions.  We often received answers minutes after we sent our emails.  This kind of response continued throughout our process of purchasing the Adria.

When we arrived at First Select Motorhomes Ltd and saw the Adria Twin it measured up to the pictures we had seen on their website.  The following are features of the Marchant’s thoughtful  handling of our purchase:

*  Transportation was arranged both to and from Heathrow Airport to their dealership.

*  Graham gave us a thorough check out of all equipment on the van.

*  Graham added additional equipment to the van that was not listed in the original inventory.

*  The van was sparkling clean and ready for the road.

*  The van had a newly installed retractable entry step and awning.

*  Linda facilitated my contact with an agency to insure the van for the trip.

*  The buy-back offer was completed as agreed upon in the contract and the funds were sent to my bank three days after we returned the van.

Jan and I logged in 7,300 miles while visiting 10 European countries over 155 days.  The Adria performed perfectly during the entire trip.  This is a credit to the careful preparation given to the vehicles in their inventory.  We strongly endorse and recommend Linda and Graham Marchant’s business plan to anyone who is planning a motorhome tour in Europe.

Happy trails,

Al and Jan Morrison, San Clemente, California

Buster & Lynne Brown, Stirling, Scotland:
Buster and I had a lovely old motorhome which we used every other weekend to get away from the rat-race. Unfortunately “Cammy” was getting older (he was 17 year old) and the engine was starting to struggle on even the slightest incline. It was not unusual to go from 60 mph to 25mph within just a few hundred yards going uphill.

We realised it was time to pass him on. We thought it would be quite some time before we could look at getting another motorhome and we prepared for a long summer 2007 with weekends spent driving around in the car instead of in comfort……………

Buster was Googling for motorhomes – dreaming of what we could have, and found this lovely site with some beautiful vehicles, and he decided to investigate further. I thought we would have to go for a cheaper and older motorhome – which really isn’t idea considering the mileage we do. But Graham was able to give us a beautiful Rapido motorhome, at a price we could afford. We drove down to Herne Bay from Stirling (Central Scotland) and collected our new motorhome and we are absolutely delighted with it.

Motorhomes Sales & Buy Back - Select First Motorhomes testimonials

We have purchased a private number plate “L88 LUV” – our names are Lynne and Buster Brown. So the new addition to the family is called LUV. (L for Lynne – 88 – looks like BB – for Buster Brown) :0)

You will find Buster and I spending a lot of time in LUV over this coming summer, and for many years ahead. If you see us on the road, give a wave.

Graham made everything pleasant and easy. We asked copious amounts of questions which were always answered promptly, and asked for pics which were fast in coming. Graham, thank you very much for making a dream come true for us. It is very much appreciated. If you are ever in the Stirling area, let us know and we will put the kettle on.
Warm Regards, Buster & Lynne

Don & Chris Mckenzie – Nelson – New Zealand.

Graham & Linda made the purchase process easy by always answering our emails questions overnight & forwarding Photo’s & information when requested.

Reference on Motorhomes "Sale and Buy Back" Package - Don & Chris Mckenzie - Nelson - New Zealand Reference on Motorhomes "Sale and Buy Back" Package - New Zealand clients, Don & Chris McKenzie, Nelson, NZ
  • People ask if buying a motorhome over the internet was risky but I reply that why a dealer would offer to buy back a less than perfect.
  • We chose Select First Motorhomes because they had a long history of Buy Back Schemes & not some new comer to business which gave us confidence that they would be there to refund our money at the end of the trip.
  • The warm welcome we received when we where collected from the train station was just the start of a great relationship we have forged with Graham & Linda.
  • The choice of vehicles offered by Select First Motorhomes was great, something for all budgets.
  • The pre delivery habitation check put your mind at ease knowing that every thing is in good working order.
  • On our return after 4 months away there was no problem with the refunding the agreed value & Graham assisted us in arranging for a small repair to the van following a small incident with a tree branch.
  • In all, our experience with Select First Motorhomes was excellent & we would recommend them highly to anyone considering purchasing a motorhome on a Buy Back Scheme & we will be using them again in the future.


Don Mckenzie

Steve Wells & Lynda Preston New Zealand

Our story and how we came to buy a campervan from Graham is as follows:
During 2005 we booked and paid for a five week holiday in Europe over the 2005/06 Christmas period. However, upon Lynda being made redundant in December 2005 from her job of twelve years, we cancelled our much-anticipated trip. After not a lot of thought and planning we decided to sell one of our houses, two cars and a boat and travel around Europe in a motorhome (despite never having been in a motorhome before!) for up to two years. Steve did some research on the net, found Graham’s website and, after a few emails back and forth (and contacting several of Graham’s former clients), we paid a deposit to Graham for a 1994 Hymer Camp 57.

We arrived in London on 6 April 2006 and on 7 April we caught a train to Herne Bay, where Graham picked us up, to inspect the van we had paid the deposit on. We were initially concerned that Graham had stated our deposit was non-refundable but he also assured us if we weren’t happy with the van we had chosen (remembering we had only seen photos at the stage of paying our deposit) we could choose any other motorhome available in his yard.

We were more than happy with the van we had chosen and to date we have travelled 25,000km and been to 22 countries in our motorhome. We are currently in Portugal and still have the east coast of Spain, more of France, Italy, Slovenia and Croatia to explore before making our way back to the UK in June to see more of Wales and travel to Ireland.

Our initial contract with Graham gave us the option to return the van after either 12 or 18 months, with agreed buy-back prices for the two options. However, whilst travelling around we decided we would like to include Egypt on a package tour before returning home via the States, so renegotiated a buy-back date (1 August 2007) and price with Graham.

We arrived in the UK with only a backpack full of clothes each but Graham had included a few essentials in the motorhome and directed us to the local ASDA for the rest, before we headed to a pitch at a local campsite Graham had booked for us.

To date we’ve had no problems with our motorhome and we have the van serviced as required by the warranty which Graham provided on the purchase of our motorhome. We insured our motorhome with Down Under Insurance (a very useful link Graham provides on his website) and, to date, have only made a claim for a cracked windscreen, on which they reimbursed fairly promptly.

Attached are some photos of our motorhome (and us). Please let us know if you require any further details. Depending on where we are, we usually check our emails at least weekly.

Kind regards
Steve Wells & Lynda Preston .

Megan Lee. UK

Me and my partner bought this Hymer on a sale and buy back scheme from Graham in July 07 for our tour of Europe. Graham had great knowledge of motorhome’s and gave us all the useful advice we needed. The sale was quick and efficient and we felt very happy and comfortable with our purchase.

We went to Holland, France, Belgium, Rotterdam and toured the UK . We haven’t had one problem since we bought the Hymer and as it was our first motorhome we were expecting something to go wrong! We did 7000 miles and drove comfortably at 65mph on the motorways. We found the Hymer a good lay out and enough space for 4 people comfortably .

We would definitely recommend Graham as the first person you go to see if you are looking for a motorhome, he gives you value for money and makes you feel confident 100% of the way with the purchase. We had Tax, MOT and warranty included in the purchase price so its definitely worth having a look. The Photo attached is from part of our European tour.