Frequently Asked Questions for Sale and Buy Back purchases

Q) I am not a UK resident, is buying a campervan or motorhome an option?

A) Yes, buying a campervan or motorhome, car etc is possible. The registration document will show you as the registered keeper, you will need a UK address, this can be a friend, relative, or if you are one of our own customers you can use our home address.

Q) Do I need to obtain a UK driving licence to drive a motor home?

A) Provided your full licence or international driving permit is valid, you may drive motorhomes up to 3500 KGs in the UK and Europe.

Q) Can I obtain motorhome insurance even though I am not a UK citizen?

A) It is possible to obtain insurance to drive a car, motorhome, or campervan in the UK and Europe. Some insurance companies will offer insurance from 15 days to 12 months. Insurance is more difficult to obtain for visitors over 70, but we currently know of a company that will cover visitors up to 74 years of age. Motor home insurance is subject to a full proposal with a registration number, we are not able to supply quotes ourselves.

Q) Can you wild camp in the UK and Europe?

A) Wild camping in the UK is more difficult, although small limited facility campsites are easy to find. In Europe several schemes exist, such as France Passion (staying on vineyards), also Europe has a lot of “Aires” (0ver 1600 in France alone), these are areas for motorhomes and campers only and are often in superb locations, often free or at a very low cost.

Q Should I rent or use your sale and buy back scheme?

A) Although we do not offer rental ourselves, if you are planning a trip of at least 10 weeks you should save a fair bit of money using our campervan sale and buy back scheme. The longer your trip the cheaper our scheme will be. Our scheme is also flexible if you want to extend your trip, or store it for a second or third trip in subsequent years?

Q) What will I need to bring?

A) Our motorhomes come with all the basic essentials, so you will need clothes, personal items, food drink and bedding. We can supply either new or clean bedding at a very low cost on your behalf, ask for details.

Q) I do not see a suitable motorhome in your current stock list?

A) We tend to obtain motorhomes to fit customers’ requirements, rather than customers having to choose something unsuitable. Like most campervan dealers, we do usually keep a few smaller camper vans for sale in stock and our stock does change frequently especially in early spring. If you would like a specific layout, make or size please ask us, we will try to help where we can!

Buying a Campervan in the UK

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