Explore UK or Europe Economically

Are you visiting from Australia, New Zealand or the USA and looking for a used campervan for sale in the UK? If you’ve ever wanted to tour the UK or Europe by motorhome but never found an economical and practical way of doing it, we can help with a campervan sale and buy back plan! With rental costs as high as £750 a week or more for a motorhome or camper during the European summer anything more than a couple of weeks becomes very expensive.

Campervan Sale & Buy BackYou can only scratch the surface of what Europe has to offer in that time. You really need several months. You could buy a cheaper vehicle and try to sell it a few days before leaving. However, this too can lead to a significant loss if you’re forced into a panic sale. And what if you can’t sell it at all? You won’t be the only person keen to sell a motorhome at the end of the season when demand is down and prices depressed. Campervan sales specialists have a solution…

Campervan Sale and Buy Back is the solution

Consider one of the very popular campervan sale and buy back deals available from Select First Motorhomes Ltd. Buybacks allow long term use of a motorhome with a guaranteed financial exit for a pre-agreed price at a future date.  Because you buy and own the vehicle it’s yours to take wherever you choose. As it’s not part of a rental fleet, return dates and prices can usually be renegotiated at short notice if you decide to continue your travels beyond your original return date. In many cases the cost of extending ownership by a month or two is minimal. The vehicles used in these schemes have invariably been privately owned. They’re not worn out ex-rentals. In fact it is usually the best vehicles being offered on this scheme as Select First campervan dealers expect to get them back into stock.

All sizes and types of motorhome are available, from two berth campervans to six berth coachbuilt models. Buyback schemes become economic for periods from three months upwards and suitable vehicles start at around £15,000 sterling. Insurance for visitors shouldn’t be a problem up to a vehicle value of £30,000. Select First Motorhomes can help you register the vehicle even as a non-resident.  The motorhome is usually equipped with gas bottles, hook up leads, cutlery, crockery and other essential items.  Private car collection from UK airports on arrival can be arranged at low cost. We can also arrange booking into a nearby hotel so you can rest before collecting the camper or motorhome and beginning your travels.

If you want to tour Europe in your own time without it costing a fortune a Buyback deal is the answer. Select First Motorhomes have been offering this scheme for over twelve years and can offer references from past customers. We are conveniently situated in the South East of the UK for the beginning of your tour.

The independence, freedom and flexibility of a motorhome or campervan sales and buy back deal is hard to beat. If you choose a right hand drive compliant motorhome, and are from New Zealand, you may have the option of exporting it back home.

Graham Marchant

Select First Motorhomes Ltd.


Don & Chris Mckenzie – Nelson – New Zealand. Graham & Linda made the purchase process easy by always answering our emails questions overnight & forwarding Photo’s & information when requested.…read more…