Export motorhomes & campervans to New Zealand & Australia

If you are planning to travel the UK or Europe in a motorhome or campervan, it may be that you could export the campervan or motorhome back to your homeland at the end of the trip and save a fortune? (right hand drive only).

Currently campervans in New Zealand are very expensive and many are being exported from the UK to New Zealand, in fact many companies and individuals are making a living by doing just this. If you are going to use a campervan it may be worth checking what the value of the campervan would be in New Zealand and investigating the transport costs. It could be that you could get back a lot of your holiday costs from the sale of the campervan when you return home?

Import motorhomes & campervans into New Zealand & Australia

UK Motorhome export to New Zealand and Australia can be very worthwhile and currently many New Zealand and Australian citizens are exporting quality new European motorhomes to New Zealand and saving a fortune compared to local prices (typically 15-25%).  If you decide to purchase a new motorhome in the UK for export, you can currently purchase this without paying any UK Taxes. In addition if you use the vehicle for your holiday you may be able to get a discount on the duties payable on import.

If you are a UK citizen planning to emigrate to New Zealand special rules apply to you if you intend to take your motorhome with you. Because of the cost of motorhomes in New Zealand it is likely to be very worthwhile exporting your motorhome to New Zealand.

The rules for exporting/importing motorhomes to New Zealand and Australia are quite complex, however it can be very cost effective. We have experts who can advise you and assist with the process and arrange the shipping, compliance registration etc. If this is something that could be of interest, please contact us and we will try and answer your questions.

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